My Last Blog

Since term 2 is coming to an end, blogging will be too. This unit was the most fun I’ve ever had at school! We learned a lot about our digital footprint and how serious things can be involving it.

I wish we could continue to use blogs for all classes, because i think it would be a lot easier to keep track of things, and to just be entertained by. Maybe in the future blogging will be school! I would definitely re-do school if it was all blogging.

It would have been better if we could have done this everyday, not having PAA everyday in a six day cycle is lame! Petition to make PAA everyday!!

Another thing I liked about this way of learning, is how interactive it is. You can communicate with many people. You can also meet new people, which is awesome! Having friends from around the world would be very cool. “Hey how’s the weather over there?” is a common question I would ask them!

Blogging was epic-ly FANTABULOUS!!

(note: fantabulous is fantastic and fabulous mixed together.)

See ya later (hopefully sometime soon!!) -Ranna ❤



My favorite type of dogs are Mastiffs, here are some pictures of some of them!

french-mastiff-17a822b47dd25873f8a436997ff745e8c Here are some pictures of a French Mastiff, also known as a Dogue De Bordeaux and the kind of dog I own. The French Mastiff is the smallest type of Mastiff.


This is an English Mastiff, they’re huge and very strong!


This is a Neapolitan Mastiff. They are by far my favorite Mastiffs! They are also considered to be the largest out of all the Mastiffs.

Tigers and Jaguars

Tigers and jaguars are some of my favorite animals! They aren’t as dangerous as everyone says they are. They’re cute, and cuddly. But some of them can be mean.

My favorite Instagram account is blackjaguarwhitetiger, they are located in Mexico. It’s a sanctuary that specifically is dedicated to tigers, lions, and jaguars. They do amazing things! The owner of the sanctuary posts videos, and pictures everyday of the animals. They save them from the wild or from people who think they’re good pets to have, i mean… it would be pretty cool to have a tiger as a pet!

Check out their website! blackjaguarwhitetiger.orgtiger

Khloe Kardashian at blackjaguarwhitetiger
Khloe Kardashian at blackjaguarwhitetiger

Arianna’s Playlist

It’s been forever since I’ve posted last, oops! This blog is going to be all about my favorite artists and the songs I like.

I like most types of genres of music, but my favorite is dance, or upbeat music.

My Top 10 Favorite Songs:

  1. Formation-Beyonce
  2. Middle-DJ Snake
  3. Fast Car-Tracy Chapman (Jonas Blue ft Dakota)
  4. Hey-Fais ft. Afrojack
  5. Roses-The Chainsmokers
  6. Light It Up-Major Lazer
  7. Coming Over-Dillon Francis, Kygo
  8. Faded-Alan Walker
  9. Let You Go-The Chainsmokers
  10. Beautiful-Project 46

I highly recommend this playlist! It’s all I ever listen to.

What’s your favorite song? Leave a comment!

Sloths Unite!

lol     hello fellow Beyonce fans!

this post isn’t about Beyonce (surprisingly!) its about sloths, aka the coolest animal in the world. They sleep for over 12 hours a day, that’s goals!


proof that sloths are major party animals. Sleep all day party all night!


They’re also your common white girls, drinking Starbucks, watching Netflix, eating chicken nuggets, gossiping, and sleeping.


Trippy Sloth loves chicken nuggets!

sloth 1

sloth also has a part time job as an actor! He’s fabulous!


Also, on the side sloth has traveled to space. talk about experienced!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My first blog post

My name is Arianna/Ranna/Rhonda/Ariana Grande/Beyonce, and I am 13 (almost 14.) I love Beyonce, food, Netflix, and my dog Bella. My favorite shows are Shadowhunters, Vampire Diaries, and The 100. I like most sports soccer, hockey, badminton, dance. Except football and baseball. ew. I like most food, except the healthy food. My bestfriend is my dog, even though she hates me. I live in Canada and ride a polar bear to school,on occasions a moose when my polar bears sick. I also drink maple syrup for breakfast every morning, and have Tim Hortons everyday (note the sarcasm.) My crew is Harmony aka Sofia Vergara, Julie aka J-Lo, Cheyenne aka Nicki Minaj, Autumn aka Ke$ha, Hunter aka Bruno Mars, and me aka Beyonce. flawless  beyonce 5beyonce 7beyonce 4

beyonce 6



I learn best on my own, or listening to someone tell me how to do something. It made learning easier because I like doing things on my own, I like doing projects on my own. Using open education and digital networking is a cool thing, you can talk to people and learn about their say on things, you can find almost everything on the internet too! Its a cool tool to have.

My first blog post


                                                               Beyoncé is fabulous.beyonce 2